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Affinity Records Affinity Records was formed in 1991 initially to release and promote the music of Gravity and Harold Payne and eventually the Power of Positive Music™ series. Most of the music on the label falls in the Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Smooth Jazz formats but includes pop/R&B, contemporary folk, inspirational/motivational, world & novelty/comedy.
Positive Music™ Project

For Special Events & Occassions
In a world where we are bombarded with negative images, the ‘Power of Positive Music™ is a series of CDs & concert performances that are meant to inspire, motivate & bring positive feelings to the listener or audience.

International Singer/Songwriter

Harold Payne is a well travelled performing songwriter with extensive credits including over 100 recordings by artists, ranging from Patti LaBelle to Rod Stewart to long time collaborator, Bobby Womack. His live performances are soulful, heartfelt and humorous and usually include his special music improvisation.

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Pass It On

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Recording/Performing Artists

Gravity has six arms, three heads, two voices and one heart. A trio of magnificently talented individuals; Clydene Jackson (vocals, keyboards), Harold Payne (vocals, guitar) and Oliver C. Brown (percussion). Their unique blend of jazzy pop/R&B/ and Caribbean rhythms will draw you in.

Check out their Gravity CD
(originally released in Japan)
and their newest CD
Love Comes Back.


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